This section of Ocoee River in Tennessee is 5 miles long and it is classified as a class III-IV section by American Whitewater. If you’re coming from Cleveland it’s not a long drive at all to the put-in location, please print out a copy of the road map further down the page so you won’t get lost. The beautiful scenery of Tennessee and the beautiful way the water current moves down the stream are in themselves reasons enough to come here to paddle. Since you’re on this site you are probably into whitewater rafting. On this section you do get some distance, it’s good length for a morning or afternoon
trip. For all you camping people there are campgrounds nearby. Getting some good exercise and a chance to spend some time outdoors will make you glad you came. Whitewater rafting in Tennessee is often tougher than elsewhere, so keep in mind that many runs on this river are not for the weak hearted. Not too many hotels nearby, you’ll have to drive a bit to get to one, but do book a room before you come because it is a very popular destination.

We encourage you to book your trip a week or two in advance to secure a spot on your raft. If you have a group please reach out to us to reserve rafts for your group. Go to our book now link to reserve your spot for the best whitewater rafting in Tennessee.